Hi - I’m Karen -   
My photographic endeavors are an evolving creative process where art meets technology.  As a result we’re always testing out new equipment and new styles to enhance and showcase our craft. 
We’ve created award winning works for statewide, national and international clients - but also on the local and neighborhood levels. 

About the test project -

There is no pay for the photographer (or models) - we are simply trading images for time and model release.   You will receive a very limited selection* of images for free as online downloads, once the finishing work is done.  
The goal is for at least 1-2 amazing images to choose as final selections - maybe more! 


This is how it works -

1.  Discuss over email - ideas and possible locations/schedules - (General Bakersfield area TBD)

2.  Shoot time - 20-30 minutes on average (many images with different framing or backgrounds)

3.  You receive proofs online (a link via email)

4.  You select your favorites (a very limited number TBD)

5.  We do the post processing and finishing work then deliver a select number of finished images via an online gallery/download link

6.  Write us a nice Google Review if you think it was totally awesome! 
(optional, though 


Apply by email - [email protected]

If you didn’t send a photo or an online portfolio link or website already - please include a photo of you (selfie or anything really) - this just helps us start to visualize some concepts. 
There is no fixed candidate type or style -  Share your ideas and goals (real or imaginary) - Photography is storytelling and finding interest in things  - creative visualization is part of the process, through seeing the subject and environment in imaginative and creative ways.


We are are vaccinated but still enforcing social distancing, or masks when proximity is less than 8 feet.  We will use telephoto lenses to keep safe distances.  Please do not bring families or entourages to the shoot - we need to keep everyone safe during this time.  Obviously the model won't wear a mask - unless you want to!

*What does "limited selections" mean? -
We will not release everything that is shot - unfinished proofs are not representative of our brand. 
We can’t do post processing, retouching and finishing on "everything" - simply because it takes (on average) 1-2 hours per image to do finishing work - and we may shoot hundreds of images.
Some single images can even take days to complete depending on the complexity of the post production work required!   

Please reply or inquire by email - [email protected]

We are looking forward to receiving your email and starting the dialog!


Karen Engel