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We are world class professional photographers in Northern California providing exceptional images for businesses, publishers, advertising agencies, events, family and individuals.


Let's get right to it - everyone wants to know - How much?  There are many questions to answer which will help us understand the scope of your photo shoot better - and provide the best possible quote.  

Things we need to know to help with the pricing -  
Studio or on location
How many different locations/sets
How much retouching is needed 
How much time is needed
How many people - A team or group of 4 is a lot different than a company or family of 40
How many finished images are you looking for
How many different configurations - teams, individualscouples, families, groups products, poses
Casual portraits - or formal - or both
Any action, sports, motion
Any specific lighting or style requirements
Do you need models, hair or makeup artists

And this is just to start!  

OK - so how about a general idea on pricing?


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Sample rates here -  

Custom Quoted To Your Specifications

To do the highest level magazine publishing type portraits we’ll bring ample lighting equipment, assistants etc. - It all depends on your needs.

On the other side of things to make it economical we can do very simple portraits with less production, that still look exceptional, on a budget.   It’s all your choice!


The point of all this is - we want to exceed your expectations - so please feel free to get back to us so we can continue the dialog, reserve a spot, and create a solid plan for your shoot.


Thank you for considering Karen Engel Photography - we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.



Commercial Photography


Advertising, Editorial, Product Photography, Graphics/Web Design, Real Estate and more.  

Please contact us with the scope of your commercial project for a quote.





• Images that shine through and tell a story - from business, advertising, editorial - to lifestyle & family.

Celebrities, Actors, Models, Fashion, Catalog, Beauty, High School Seniors, Engagement, Anniversary, and more.





•  Company parties, Birthday/Anniversary Celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Golf outings and more.

Tell us a little about your special event, and the services you would like - for a custom quote.




• Big or Small - We Shoot Them All!

From Chapel or Courthouse-Only Ceremonies to the Royal Treatment.

We offer a range of custom services to fit every couple's vision!


Custom quoted Wedding Photography Packages range from $250 - $4500+